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Year 12 AS Level

Students follow the content, although not exactly the same order, laid out in the AQA Advanced Level Economics specifications (Code no.: 2140). Full details of the specifications, as well as much other useful information, can be found on the AQA website: This is a two year course consisting of 4 units, with two units being studied and examined in each year. Each unit represents 25% of the total A level marks.

The subject matter reflects the wide ranging, challenging, topical and relevant nature of Economics, and the aim is to develop the ability to understand, analyse and convey economic ideas and relationships in literary, mathematical and diagrammatic forms. Given the above, and the opportunities for group work, ICT based research and individual/small group presentations, Economics is an ideal vehicle for nurturing and demonstrating key life skills relevant to higher education and the world of work.

Whilst most candidates will have “signed up” for the two years, some students will intend to study the subject for one year only as a freestanding AS level. Both categories will study the same material and be entered for the same modular examinations during Year 12:

ECON 1: Markets and Market Failure – This is the microeconomic component, looking at the market behaviour of consumers and producers, the efficiency with which markets allocate resources and the role of governments. This paper is tackled in the January of Year 12.

ECON 2: The National Economy – Here we meet the macroeconomic concepts and problems that often grab the media headlines: growth, inflation, unemployment and the exchange rate etc, as well as the possible government policy responses to them. Sat in the summer of Year 12. (More...)

Year 13 A2 Level

The main objective is to cover the remaining parts of the AQA specifications (2140), so as to equip students with the knowledge, understanding and confidence to meet the challenges of the A2 examinations and, as many do, further study in this subject or closely related ones.

ECON 3: Business Economics and the Distribution of Income – A more in depth and wider look at microeconomics, with the unit title spotlighting the dominant subject areas. Examination undertaken in January of Year 13.

ECON 4: The National and International Economy – The A2 macro unit appears to have more common ground with its AS equivalent, but the emphasis changes, say, from the causes of, to the cures for, unemployment. The major change is the greater weight given to international economics. Sat in the Summer of Year 13. (More...)

AS Year 12

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A2 Year 13

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